Eps 42 : Lately…

Ohh , hello!

Today I’ve already finished my exam , hope I can get high score.

My mom is on board when I was having my test , so  I felt extra tired , no more time to post anything

Today mom will go home , Maybe one hour again , I’ll go to airport to pick her.

Lately , something happened :

  1. Moved on Hahaha , actually I already move on before I posted the episode 41 , but , forget to write it.
    Maybe this is what I’ve been waiting for , Moved from him , a boy that never care to me.
    This must be the best decision.
    Hope it will like that.
  2. Became crazier
    Who shall be blame for this?My friends
  3. Sorry from her.
    From someone who I quarreled with
    I knew that I must tried to forgive her , but , it’s hard.
    *deep sigh*

Just like that.

Ohh, forget to say something.
love and kisses ,


Eps 41 : Express

Exam comingg \m/
Need to study harder.

Feel jealous to my classmates , they already finish everything.


Hope I can get high scores!

Wish everybody can get good scores!

Especially that boy , 67

Wish he can get good score :b

He must have good score as his brain can contain more capacity  than mine!

Wish all ma tuition friend get good scores :b

love and kisses ,



Eps 40 : Me in September

Oh . sorry , too busy to post something.

In September , I took night class tuition, so didn’t have any time to post

In September occured very many accident.

So here there were:

  1. Quarreling with a friend
    Hahaha , actually it occured almost in the end of September , but I wrote this one first because I still remember how cool the incident was.
    Maybe no need to post here , just me , Thamelia , Shania , Angeline , Maggie , Vivian , Obrien , Novendy and other my classmates who knows it (:
  2. Getting closer with him
    Hope that we will become closer againn!
    Actually he was the reason why I took night tuition class. :b
  3. Exam coming in OctoberYeahh , it was also the other reason to go to night tuition class.
    The material of the exam was verryyyyyy mannyyyy , I just have studied half of it , and the exam is coming 15 days againnnn!
    Ohhh , Damnn.

Maybe just like that , hope I will have time to post my blog. I have very man y story to post<3

love and kisses ,



Eps 39 : Fake

Heyy ,
I know how FAKE are you , you don’t need to lie me anymore.
I’ve been very impatient with your sucks behaviour.
You need to change it, Bitchass!
you was so annoying me , pretended to be a good friend but you’re the sucks friend.
Don’t pretended don’t know fuckin’
You are the sucks people I’ve ever met

You was like Bitch you knoww?
Just take all my friend!
Sooner or Later they will know how FAKE are you.

Regretting how kind I with you
Regretting to have a friend like you


Don’t want to see you againn!

love and kisses ,


Actually it must hate , but noprob

Eps 38 : Da 13 me

Heiii , look at the ticker timer!

I’m officially 13

I wish can make a better friendship than last year

Wish I can get iPhone 5 or maybe 5s

Wish I can get good marks as I have my last day exam at my birthday

Wish no more FAKE friend

Wish no more Madafaka , Bitches or Shit , or Damn and anything else people

Wish I can become more wise than last year

Wish I can become closer to him

Wish I can become a good girl

Wish I can be stronger

Ohh , If I write all of my wishes I think it will be a long post

Last , I wish it will be my lucky year and not be my unlucky year as 13 was a unlucky number

T h i r t e e n <3

love and kisses ,


Eps 37 That day

Ohh , hello , I have back to hell school 3 days ago (Well I back to school at 11 July )

At first , I thought it will be fun when I met my friend , but BIG NO!

I have many reasons to say it wasn’t fun :

  1. My teacher was soo killer , I thought everybody won’t like killer teacher right ?
  2. I was sitting on the very worst place T.T
    At place where I sit was full of smart people , and I was sit in the middle of them , Can you think how awkward that place ?
  3. I need to wake up very early at 6 AM , Ohhh god , it was very bad!
    Usually when I was on my holiday , I woke up at 8 something or 9 , now ? You can thought about it
  4. My class was so far away from his class . Ouchh

Yeah , maybe just like that , but it will make my reason to not come to school become longer and longer

So , just like that , and BYE!

love and kisses ,